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That's the way life goes

But don't forget, it goes the other way too

Mrs. Worley
31 January
And here goes nothing. And everything, all at once. Funny how that works out. Or doesn't, depending. But now I'm just stalling.

The name's Carlen. Currently 19 and going to Babson College, which exactly no one and their mom has ever heard of unless they're well versed in the business world.

That's right, I'm going for an MBA. Vaguely strange considering the two things I'd most like to do in life are be a psychologist or a screenplay writer, and we all know that due to the wondrous joy that is ADHD, I can't really do anything I don't particularly want to do because my focus and I never really got along. It abused me and I denied it cookies. Understandable, of course.

I have voices in my head. They talk to me. Certain ones of them have been known to give me nightmares about psychos with knives come to kill me, and others have much too strong an affinity for waffles, maple syrup, and sugar in general. If I seem bipolar, chances are I'm channeling one of them. And yes, the count is currently somewhere around thirty. If you have a problem with this, best to pretend it's not true, because I sure as hell can't do so without getting a massive headache. If you're really curious, I tend to ramble about them here.

There are many levels of Carlen-love you can get to. And yes, I probably adore more things than I should. But there are a few things that run pretty high on the list, most of the really good stuff being media related. Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Firefly, Heathers, and The Nightmare Before Christmas are all way up there. I should also probably note that I have a psychopath fetish and am particularly attached to Tyler Durden and Jason Dean. And by "am attached to", I mean "am completely and utterly obessed and devoted to." Also, I'm a hopeless romantic on more levels than is healthy for someone whose luck with men is currently, as it has always been, nonexistent.

Did I mention my penchant for randomness? Personally, I agree with JD: chaos is great. It's what killed the dinosaurs, darling. Oh and remember that usage of a big word since it's probably the last time you'll ever hear one used by me. Or read, as the case may be since this does happen to be a journal. Friends locked due to some issues I happened to have had with my high school. National Cathedral, if you're interested: home of workaholics and where the OCD and ADD mix in an awkward yet somehow right way, with a faculty that generally lives to make your life just that much better. Really.

I've got my fair share of issues, just like everyone else, even though generally my life is pretty damn good, comparatively or not. I'll rant and squee about it herein as I'm inspired to. As for my interests, you can just look below and see a fair number of them, saving me space and you time, since this is your life and it's ending one minute at a time, and yet here you are, reading my ramblings about little old me.

This must be what going mad feels like.
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